Located in trendy West Hollywood, Empty Vase Events is one of the most sought-after wedding florists in the Los Angeles area.  The designers and event planners from Empty Vase maintain a dedicated focus to providing lavishly creative floral bouquets and centerpieces, cascading aisle treatments of vibrantly colored blossoms, and beautifully sculptured topiaries in any size and shape imaginable.  In a city where style and individuality is a prime requirement of any Bride-to-be, this local florist is continually breaking new ground.

Empty Vase Events(http://emptyvase.com/events/portfoliosets/weddings-portfolio-cat/) is building a rather impressive reputation as a leading designer of upscale wedding ceremonies, receptions, and rehearsal dinners.  Floral designers of this posh LA florist create stunningly original bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, cake florals, and reception dinner centerpieces that leave a very dramatic impression on the invited guests.  With a staff of creative visionaries that also includes interior designers and lighting experts, Empty Vase offers a wide range of additional design expertise that goes well beyond simple floral arrangements.

Great attention to detail is taken to ensure that each wedding event features its own innovative concepts. With a portfolio that includes superstar celebrity weddings, high-fashion charity events, and fundraisers for some of the world’s most powerful politicians, Empty Vase specializes in high-profile events.  Their team of artists and florists has the expertise and the experience to design, build, and install some of the most impressive architectural design features imaginable.  They will hand-pick each and every individual piece of furniture, design and install the perfectly shaped dance floor, and bathe the ballroom in drapery and swag. Once the ballroom is immersed in flowers, the last step will be to highlight the entire event with romantic lighting that leaves the invited guests awestruck.

But flowers is still what Empty Vase does best.  Their team of professional florists meet with the bride and groom well in advance, offering suggestions and professional insight along the way.  While some florists offer only very limited selections based on seasonal demands, Empty Vase has a vast network of suppliers with the ability to provide a limitless choice of buds and blooms. This L.A. florist is not afraid to offer unexpected suggestions that will ultimately enhance the overall ambiance of the wedding event to its fullest.   For a wedding that is inventive, imaginative, elegant, and hauntingly unforgettable, Empty Vase Events is the premier wedding florist in Los Angeles.

About Empty Vase
Empty Vase is a West Hollywood wedding Florist offering an extensive range of products for weddings and special events planning. They provide an extensive variety of wedding arrangements which are renowned for their design quality. Located at 9033 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069. Telephone: 310-278-1988