Veteran California hip hop artists IQ and Significant7 have quite the impressive resume when it comes to making first class hip hop music and performing with some of the biggest names in the industry.  Finally joining forces as the group Smart Asses, the two cousins who have been favorably compared to early Beastie Boys, recently dropped their debut “Don't Worry, the Safety's On!”  to quick praise.

March 4, 2016, Los Angeles, CA, USA- West Coast hip hop has reason to rejoice.  Fans of smart, lyrical artists, plus old school beats complete with samples and scratches at the forefront have just had an EP dropped with their name written on it.  Enter Smart Asses, a Los Angeles hip hop duo with a long history in the game, and their debut EP “Don't Worry, the Safety's On”.  IQ and Significant7 deliver socially conscious, smart lyrics with a flow that compliments each other powerfully.  Many are comparing them to classic groups from hip hop's golden age, but with an approach that's clearly their own.  All signs are pointing towards their profile rising fast.

“We're about partying and fun, but being smart too,” commented IQ.  “We're literally family and we both have a love for real hip hop flowing in our veins.”

The album debuted on February 26th, during a gig Smart Asses had with Crooked I from Shady Records.

Expect more live shows in and out of town, and studio work soon.

Fans can't get enough of “Don't Worry, the Safety's On”.

John G., from California, recently said in a five star review, “I heard a few singles from Smart Asses and couldn't wait to hear the album.  'Don't Worry, the Safey's On' is amazing.  I think it's my favorite release of 2016 so far.  Don't miss it.”

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About Smart Asses
From Los Angeles, CA, IQ and Significant7 have come together as Smart Asses- a group that likes to make great hip-hop and smart ass remarks.

Company:  Intelligence Records
Contact Person Name: IQ
Phone: 818-823-5264
Email: [email protected]
Los Angeles, CA, USA