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Here, a qualified patent attorney is ready to answer all your questions and help you decide on what form of protection is suitable, depending on the nature of your invention. Revolutionary developments are on the basis of progress in any industry, and due to extraordinary people who make every effort in order to bring something new, customers can benefit on many levels. That is why inventors have the right to be publicly recognized. PatentUSA gives all the basic information that its clients need to know before applying for a patent and assures them that a capable attorney will be of assistance every step of the way. The journey starts with consultancy.

This is extremely important, as the clients first have to make sure that their invention meets all the requirements and is indeed unique. Then, depending on the field, the attorney will tell if the best solution is a patent, copyright or trademark. A special case is that of sofware patents, which have appeared more recently and require more detailed analytical procedures. The clients that have entrusted the security of their business to are numerous, and some are quite famous names of multinationals. This is indisputable proof that the company keeps its promises and is indeed a leader in the field. The team has knowledge of all major domains, starting with chemistry and up to nuclear science, so whatever the nature of your innovation, you can be sure that Lerner Greenberg Stemer has what it takes to help you. For further information, please visit