12, March 2016: In order to experience the benefits from the cutting edge technologies, people can have the opportunity to have a close contact with each fashionable and novel gadget in each year’s CeBIT. While this year, CeBIT will assume a new aspect. Of particular concern to consumers are the shining electric scooters or hoverboards brought by the leader in the electric scooters field, Airwheel Technology.


Defining the latest IT trends, CeBIT presents talks by high-calibre speakers and forward-looking panel discussions an showcases product innovations from all over the world. CeBIT 2016 will be hold from 14th March to 18th March in Hannover, Germany. If you are interested in the balancing scooters, you are welcomed to visit Hall17-H06, the booth No. of Airwheel Technology. And among the several kinds of electric scooters, Z3 is notable since it assists to solve the problems for people’s daily commuting.

The first headache for traveling is possibly the crowded urban traffic. More and more people focus on the more personal tool that people can ride it to cross the crowded streets. Z3 two wheels scooter is just such a tool with a small body of 752mm×371mm×974mm and the distance between the pedals of Z3 and the ground is only 140mm which means there is no problem for its riding on the flat roads in urban.


Z3 electric motor also brings great convenience for those designated drivers. This career faces the problem that the drivers have no way to take public transportation in night. While now, they can ride Z3 to get back home. Since the pedals, operating arms and the connection part between the front wheels and pedals of Z3 can be folded, drivers can put it into the trunk after folding.

Besides, the electric scooter Z3 adopts the anterior standing according to the principle of ergonomics which greatly improves the comfortableness for riders.

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