24, February 2017: Did you know that working on your feet all day, or being on your feet for an extended period of time, could cause you some serious health problems? Especially to your back, legs and feet. Every year, there are thousands of work-related foot injuries and more and more sick days are being taken as a result of foot or leg problems. Whether you are cutting hair in a salon, cooking in a restaurant line, folding t-shirts at a store, or teaching in a classroom, no matter what job it is you are doing, as long as it involves standing for a longer period of time, you need to take extra time and measures to take care of your legs and feet. Doing this can go a long way in the line of staying comfortable and healthy.


Standing on your feet can pose a lot of serious health problems besides the usual back ache, pain and discomfort in the legs, feet, shins, calves, thighs, knees, lower back, and hips. Some of the other health problems you can derive from standing way too much on your feet includes;

- Lower back pain
- Plantar Fasciitis
- Varicose veins
- High blood pressure
- Fatigue and muscle soreness
- Neck and shoulder stiffness
- Chronic heart and circulatory disorders
- Bunions
- Poor posture
- Knee or hip arthritis
- Pregnancy complications
- Joint damage
- Tendonitis (stretched Achilles tendonitis)
- Knee problems
- Poor circulation and swelling in the legs and feet.
- Various foot problems and pains

People who are doing heavy manual jobs and older workers usually develop joint pain and knee pain as they grow older, and may progressively gain the inability to cope with constant standing. People who have suffered a lower limb or back injury, or those who have been diagnosed with varicose veins caused by pregnancy, or arthritis, are also at an increased risk.


The risks associated with standing for longer periods of time can be reduced significantly, especially if you are suffering from stiff leg muscles or chronic tired feet. Below are some simple things you can do that will help you get through your day and also ensure you avoid, or least reduce these health problems.

- Wear Supportive and Comfortable Shoes - They are a lot of shoes on the market now that are pretty stylish and are equipped with comfort and supportive features. These shoes can help you reduce a lot of the pain you get from standing way too much. They are comfortable and will go in line with any clothing you put on.

- Custom Made Orthotics - This is probably one of the best solutions to prolonged standing, if not the best. They support the muscles, the skeleton, and fascia, all in the right position, which is the key to relieving most leg and foot pain symptoms. As a matter of fact, when you stand on your feet for longer periods of time, orthotics like theSnugFeel Premium Dynamic Liquid Orthotic Insoles will help you massage your feet, improve your posture, provide supports to you ligaments, relieve joint stress, increase comfort while walking, treat overpronation, and can also help minimize other foot conditions such as forefoot (metatasalgia) and heel pain (plantar fasciitis). Unlike other types of insoles or orthotics, the Snug Feel Premium Liquid Insoles are so good that a lot of foot experts are recommending it. It is properly designed, works quite well, supports your feet and brings your legs the kind of comfort it deserves. It is made with liquid but still it doesn’t stain your shoes; it only brings you more comfort. Get it here, and reduce the risk of having any health problems related to standing too much.

- Compression Hose and Socks - People suffering from foot and leg pains are known to wear compressions socks and hoses. These two have a lot of advantages that can be benefitted by individuals who are active and working on their feet all day. Compression socks and hoses are now made in modern style and different colors, and with the advancement in technology, they are beginning to provide more benefits.

- Relax on the Heel and Spare Your Toes - Reserve your high heel shoes for special events and parties. If you are going to be working on your heels for longer periods of time, you shouldn't be putting on heels. The fact that these shoes will not provide you toes with enough space minimizes blood circulation and promotes a lot of health problems.

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