London personal shopper and style consultant Andrea Talha says her service helps people build confidence. Andrea Talha who can be found at, believes in the transformative power of fashion to make people feel good about themselves. And she should know. Andreas CV reads like a who’s who of fashion, scattered with famous fashion names such as Paul Smith and Browns.

Andrea is quick to point out her service isn’t strictly targeted at fashionistas though they are of course welcome. Rather anyone — male or female who feels they would benefit from an image overhaul. Andrea says this is virtually impossible to do yourself. A stylist, however can help you create an individual look that works for your lifestyle, body shape and budget.

Andrea says people come to her for a number of reasons. It can be a new job, new partner, a baby or simply the feeling their wardrobe and image are stuck in a rut. It’s common for people — especially women — to have closets full of unworn clothes. Particularly in their 30s and 40s many people revert to the clothes they felt comfortable in when younger. This often means jeans and t-shirts. Andrea says, wardrobes often follow the Pareto Principle with people wearing 20% of their clothes most of the time.

The secret to boosting confidence says Andrea Talha is to find a personal style that’s comfortable for you. A good stylist won’t impose their own sense of style on a client but rather will work with clients to create a new look or can help make the most of an existing wardrobe. Style Liberation offers makeovers of course but also wardrobe sessions for those that find they have nothing to wear, despite having a closet full of clothes — typically most are still New With Tags. Wardrobe sessions are a great way to maximise the clothes people already have by coordinating the best of what they currently own. Editing, by an expert eye, can reveal new possibilities without having to buy many or any new clothes.

Andrea Talha also says women in particular often don’t like their body shape which can result in wearing clothes chosen to hide their figure. This approach is nearly always a mistake says Andrea. Making the most of what you’ve got, and dressing for your body shape can produce startling results. Picking the right colours for your skin tone and colouring is also important and many people don’t know how to combine colours to create flattering outfits. Andrea Talha says, “No matter what a person’s budget, age or shape, I can achieve dramatic results in boosting confidence. Of course clothes also have to work for an individual’s lifestyle. My service is completely bespoke. No matter whether your clothes are high street or high end designer, you’ll find it surprising what a trained eye can do”.

Although her service is primarily as a style consultant in London , Andrea is keen to help clients nationwide.


Andrea Talha has a genuine and deep passion for helping her clients feel the best they can. Her unique personal approach allows her to get to know her clients before utilising her fashion skills to match the right people with the right wardrobe. A true image consultant with a big heart.

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