Spending many years in the same house can get boring. And, with a growing family the need for extra space is always a nagging concern. However, shifting to a new house will lead to additional costs and hassles. If you are judicious enough you can have an extra room with loft conversions. Houses with sloping roofs have some space created within the two arms of the roof. This space right at the top is generally used as a loft or attic. But you can transform it into a bedroom, bathroom, office or a home theatre. It is one of the most exciting and useful home refurbishments that you can have.


When you opt for loft conversions, it not only increases home space but also adds more value to your property. If you ever plan to sell your house in future this extra room can be the unique selling proposition. From the same area available in your house, you get an extra room. Loft conversions allow you to extend the space of your house without venturing out. So, you do not have to take permission from county authorities for simple conversions. There are a few basic things which you need to consider before planning home refurbishments and converting your loft space. Be sure that the height is enough to keep a good clearance below.


Another very important aspect which you should check prior to loft conversions is that whether there is any water seepage from the roof. As this part is directly under the roof, there should not be any cracks or gaps through which rainwater can enter. So, before converting the loft, roof repairs would be essential. Not only repairs, anti-seepage treatment of roof is of utmost importance. For this you should call leading builders to undertake conversions and home refurbishments. Your gloomy loft will thus get a remarkable makeover in their hands.


Loft conversions can be carried out quite simply with window roof alteration. Quite often the loft space has a window which can be included as part of the conversion plan. Renovate the window with double glazing and keep it big enough to let the sunlight in. Thus, you will get a bright and airy room with great view of the outdoors. This helps in conversion of the loft without restructuring the roof in any manner. You can also include a dormer for making the loft more spacious and accessible for staircase. Dormers create a better looking room. Companies taking up home refurbishments will acquaint you about all the possible options.


Once you engage reputed agencies for home refurbishments, they will not only construct the additional room but provide a comprehensive service that includes maintenance tips. They have allied teams of electricians, interior decorators and plumbers to keep the progress of work unhampered. They will also help you in installing doors and windows in the room after basic framework of loft conversions is over. All the builders and renovators are trained to deliver excellent quality of work and you can rest assure that the charges would be reasonable and quite affordable.


There are plenty of interesting ideas for home refurbishments. Among the many such ideas loft conversions are quite popular as you need to make minimum changes to the structure.