Reading based fitness company, Peak XV Fitness, are celebrating their fifth birthday. Peak XV launched their first boot camp in October of 2010 and has been running outdoor fitness sessions continuously since then. Director and boot camp leader, Chris Hines, says, “Setting up the boot camps was a very spur of the moment thing so I never envisaged running them five years later. We have since set up another location in London which is run by my business partner and brother, Steve.”

The boot camps run in Christchurch Meadows, Caversham, near to where Hines lives. They operate in all weathers and during the winter their evening sessions take place in the dark. Members join the boot camp for a month at a time and several of their members have been coming for over three years. Member Ashley Briggs commented,” I have been attending boot camp with Peak XV for nearly 3 years now and really enjoy the camaraderie with the other members particularly during the winter months. I’ve also lost a couple of stone in weight which is always nice.”

To learn all about the boot camp Hines runs in Caversham visit their website at:

Hines continues, ”As the boot camps have been so successful over a long period of time we’re looking at adding another couple of locations to our timetable but we need to find the right instructors to help us with the expansion. Hopefully, in another 5 years time we’ll be celebrating another birthday with even more members.”

Outdoor fitness boot camps, which originated in the United States, have been springing up in town and cities all across the UK. Hines has 6 local competitors that he knows of and finishes by saying, “I think the reason we keep our members for so long is that we’re constantly changing it up. Every workout is different and we always bring new ideas to the sessions. We also build a community spirit in the group, regularly organising social events, so people feel part of something special.”

Peak XV Fitness has made it to their fifth birthday and are already planning to grow and expand before they get another year older.

Contact Details:
Name: Chris Hines
Company: Peak XV Fitness
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 07879 646969
Address: 22 Ardler Road, Caversham, Reading, RG4 5AE