Lee Duran and Chris Dominguez together have created a highly entertaining rap video in order to spread their message to a wider social networking audience, educating first time homebuyers on how to buy a home!

March 02, 2015, California, United States- How did two real estate loan officers from California have get their message out to those who are buying home for the first time, and don’t know what to expect?

They decided to create a rap video with their message. The message? To help the first time homebuyers know everything they need to know before buying a home and demystify the whole process. Lee Duran and Chris Dominguez are two loan officers from California who are quite familiar with the challenges faced by the individuals while buying a home for the first time.  For such buyers it can be thrilling and intimidating at the same time, and it’s quite difficult to know exactly what will happen next. However together with their team (Kip Shelton, Brittany Wagner, Eva Catherine and Eric Brake) they have created a highly entertaining rap video that tells home buyers what exactly they must do in order to get the most out of the purchase. Chris and Lee both strongly believe that this is a new way of reaching the social networking generation with entertainment and education, and there’s such a dramatic difference when one can create something like this that can actually make an impact.

The story is …

Summer is a very pretty high maintenance woman, the type that always looks like she is about to go to a club on a Friday night in fact she could pass for a “Beauty Queen”… walks down stairs to find her significant other (Chris) on the couch playing video games. It is clear that Chris is out of his league with the woman he landed. It is also clear that Chris is clueless and lost and afraid he is going to lose his trophy girl and is highly motivated to do what is necessary to keep her.

Summer is afraid she has made a bad choice in boyfriend/husband and looses it on him.

The full video can be found at: http://youtu.be/GXPqCIYJ1rY

For more information, simply visit: http://www.realestaterap.com/

About Real Estate Rap
Real Estate Rap is the brainchild of Lee Duran and Chris Dominguez, two highly innovative and forward thinking real estate loan officers from California. Together with Kip Shelton (Seasoned feature film writer, director, producer, editor and accomplished musician), Brittany Wagner (Accomplished actress and multiple beauty pageant winner), Eva Catherine (Accomplished model and aspiring actress) and Eric Brake (Professional personal trainer and former body builder) they have launched their debut rap video which is becoming hugely popular fast.

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