Best-Selling Author Janice Limb Myers’ New Novel: Sacrifice, Carrie’s Story, a Christian Romance
LJM publishing has contracted with author Janice Limb Myers to publish a series of six Christian romance novels.  The first book: Sacrifice, Carrie’s Story — The Carpenter Chronicles, Cook One: a Christian Romance is now available in eBook and paperback on and will soon be in bookstores everywhere.


Dallas, TX, March 5, 2015 LJM Publishing, LLC has announced a new agreement with best-selling author Janice Limb Myers to publish a six-book series of Christian romance novels. Mrs. Myers has previously published best-selling children’s books Carolee Sings in the Christmas Choir and Hunter Becomes a Pirate as well as 32 other best-selling children’s books. Her current offering is Sacrifice, Carrie’s Story — The Carpenter Chronicles, Book One: A Christian Romance represents the first of her work in the Christian romance genre.

Reader Reviews:
“Beautiful love story that spans cultures and religions, commitments and sacrifices. Enjoyed!”

“When I first opened the book, I assumed it would be like any other romance. Thankfully, I was wrong! The characters in Sacrifice are compelling, real, and relatable, and the story takes unexpected turns that will keep any reader turning pages. What results is a fascinating story that actually drove me to care about the characters and invest myself in the outcomes of their lives.

The author’s style is easygoing but concise, easily drawing readers in and providing for an immersive and enjoyable experience. I’d encourage anyone to give this book a try — it’s a pleasant read and a great introduction to the Carpenter family series.”             

About the Book: Sacrifice, Carrie’s Story, tells how the Carpenters’ faith in God sees them through life’s trials. Carrie is the oldest of five children born into this affluent Mormon family in Midway, Utah. After finishing graduate school, she lands a job with a large newspaper in New York City, largely because of the reputation of her family’s publishing business. She feels that she must succeed in order to prove she can be a successful journalist without the need to rely on her family name. Carrie’s family and friends tease her about her bad luck with dating and especially her Pollyanna attitudes about ‘forever after’ and finding her own Prince Charming. Still, she feels there’s a man God has meant for her. She just hopes she’ll find him before she qualifies for social security!
About the Author: Janice Limb Myers has just introduced her first Christian Romance novel, Sacrifice – Carrie’s Story, the first in the six-book series The Carpenter Chronicles. This first novel is a dream come true having grown up the daughter, sister, and mother of writers who all left this world before they could accomplish their publishing dreams. Now she writes for all four of them.

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