Liposuction or suction lipectomy is a cosmetic surgery procedure done to sculpt or shape specific body areas by removing excessive unwanted fat. Not only restricted to fat removal from abdomen, liposuction is also done to remove fat deposits from waist, hips, love handles, calves, thighs, arms and neck. Earlier popular with women only, liposuction has become equally popular amongst men also.

The ideal candidates for liposculpture are those who have localized fat deposits in areas such as arms, chin, cheeks, abdomen, thighs, buttocks or hips. The candidate undergoing liposculpture should be above 18 years and should be physically and mentally fit for the surgery.

Liposuction procedure is performed under local or general anaesthesia.  Administration of anaesthesia depends upon the area where surgery is to be performed, patient’s preference and choice of surgeon. The procedure involves inserting a cannula attached to a suction pump inserted under a fat tissue layer. There are various techniques of performing liposculpture such as Tumescent liposuction, Ultra sound assisted liposuction, VASER liposuction or Body jet liposuction.

The outcomes of the surgery are very gratifying. One can expect to lose about 8 — 12 pounds of fat from the area that has undergone liposuction. The surgery gives harmonious contours and keeps the body in shape, thus enhances the self — esteem of the candidate having undergone liposuction.

Although there are various techniques of performing the procedure, yet it remains a challenging issue for most of the surgeons. Performing liposuction requires skills of the surgeons and a good aesthetic sense so as to sculpt the body.

India has become one of the most sought after destinations offering quality plastic surgery procedures. Plastic surgeons in India are among the most skilled surgeons that have been trained at best medical schools in the world. They are not only competent but have years of experience in performing the surgery with a lot of dexterity and skills.

Getting liposuction done in India is very advantageous. Besides best hands performing the procedure, the hospital facilities in India are as good as anywhere else in the world and the cost of treatment is much less than the cost of the surgery in western countries. The hospitals in India are well equipped with advanced technology and English speaking hospital staff which leave no communication barrier between doctors and patients undergoing the surgery.

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