Google carries the repute of being one of the most popular search engines in many parts of the world. It is not easy to retain this position in this highly competitive era. This company has managed this task, thanks to its commitment towards its users. It zero-tolerance policy towards poor quality is evident in the constant googly it throws every now and then. Google’s Penguin update is one of the algorithmic changes that took the world of search engine optimisation by surprise. This particular update brought about radical changes in the ranks of the website on the SERP list. Any website with broken links or backlinks from suspicious websites was demoted on the results list, thus making only the best results available to the search engine users. The link building tactics that worked before the implementation of this update were of no use post the algorithmic change. Here are some of the strategies that work today.
Diversity in anchor text is one of the link building tactics that work wonders after the Penguin update. If you are using a particular commercial keyword as an anchor text for multiple backlinks, your website is sure to be penalised by Google. Let us consider you have a website that helps people calculate their mortgage payments. Instead of just using the term ‘mortgage calculator’ as the anchor text for multiple backlinks, consider using similar terms such as ‘mortgage payment calculator’, ‘mortgage rate calculator’ and other combinations possible.
Domain diversity is one of the other link building tactics that can work in favour of the website and boost its ranks. Gone are the days when SEO experts could depend solely on article directories for backlinks. Today, there is a need to choose various domains as sources of backlinks if you want to bring in traffic and also increase the rank of the website. While choosing domains, it is necessary to consider its age and rank on the SERP list. The higher the rank of the domain providing the backlink, higher are the chances of your website getting a better rank.
Blogging is one of the popular link building tactics in recent times. Blogs are easier to identify and index as compared to other sites. High ranking blogs are visited by thousands of readers every single day and most of them cater to a particular niche. Finding the right authority blogs and regularly updating guest posts on it will prove to be a steady source for credible backlinks. The uniqueness of content and links work in favour of your website and contribute to its rank.
Social media marketing and video marketing are two sure-fire link building tactics that can bring in a steady stream of visitors to your website. The popularity of social media sites and video channels such as Facebook and YouTube cannot be overlooked today. Harnessing the potential of these sites to bring in traffic is the best way to boost ranks and gain visibility. The credibility of links from these sources is practically undisputable.
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