Mayfair, London; 30/12/2013: Lina Cameron has been associated with the make-up and beauty industry for more than a decade and has contributed towards national magazines on a regular basis. Presently, she is working as an independent make-up artist with her studio located in Mayfair towards the western end of London. Her work has featured in national press along with some of the publications like Inside, Conde Nast Traveller, Fabulous, Tatler and more. She offers different types of services to her clients that include make-up lessons, makeovers, wedding and gift vouchers. Her vast experience in the industry combined with her exceptional skills and talent has helped her to create a huge demand for her services throughout the city.

As a wedding makeup artist, Lina Cameron offers wedding makeovers for brides to be. By putting to use the best quality skincare and makeup products, Lina ensures that her clients look their best on this very special day. Complimentary consultation services are provided by Lina to prospective bridal clients and all the options available are discussed with them for their bridal makeup. The wedding makeup trial service by Lina helps clients to try various products/looks so as to make sure that during the wedding the best look can be offered. The wedding day service consists of two packages which include bridal party package and bespoke pricing. Bridal party package has fixed price and includes makeover of three additional persons along with the bride.

When it comes to the makeup lessons, Lina is considered to be an expert in the field with some of her lessons frequently featuring in national press. Apart from the group lesson, every other lesson is based on a 1-to-1 interaction with Lina herself. This is not at all the case with other make up artist lessons available throughout the city where majority of the teaching is carried out by the assistants. The ‘half-face’ technique adopted by Lina allows her to demonstrate every technique on 1 half of the face and the clients are required to apply the same techniques on the other half of their face.

The makeover services offered by Lina help her clients to make them feel special for every memorable occasion. Whether it is a photoshoot, an anniversary dinner or a hot date, Lina has everything in store to make her clients feel inspired, enthusiastic and energetic for every occasion. Special gift vouchers are also available for any of the services offered by Lina Cameron. These gift vouchers can be considered as ideal gifts for different events or occasions which can also be personalized with message of own choice. Last minute gifts can also be collected directly from her studio in Mayfair.

About Lina Cameron Make-up Artist & Beauty Coach:


Lina Cameron is a beauty and makeup artist with her studio located in Mayfair, London. She offers different types of services to clients and her work has received huge recognition and appreciation globally.