Limitless will take you on a journey from awakening into awareness and focus, aiming to activate your dreams and your drive to succeed.

Most of us go through life pretending to be something or somebody that we are not. Some of us live in the future while others are trapped in their past by earlier events. It’s time to wake up. Take life by the horns and never let fear stop you from achieving your true potential.

Commitment and honesty are everything, giving you the ability of empowering and challenging yourself so you can become a better version of you.

Facing your fears or your past, knowing how to change your approach towards yourself, your friends, your job or even life, will literally change your life forever. By following and understanding these principles, you will cultivate a pronounced understanding of how to reach your goals. Successful people know the secret; they have been awakened.


Author BIO: Ana Maria Frith is a passionate Entrepreneur, Personal Coach, and Writer who creates and lives in the United Kingdom.

Both creative and infinitely dedicated, Ana is the author of a multitude of books, including “Limitless: Change Your Life,” “Turning Time: Romance,” “The Queen’s Lovers,” “David Adventures,” and “Princess Annabelle.”
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