August 8, 2016 - The team at Lifeline is pleased to announce their easy to use telemedicine platform is now available in the Philippines for their Lifeline members. The new service offers virtual medical services that connect medical professionals and patients seamlessly using a mobile app that has been successful in the United States.

The new platform will offer a real-time experience for Lifeline patients, offering everything from   free video consultations with doctors, comprehensive patient education, free delivery of prescriptions and medications and free doctors/nurse home visits in the greater Metro Manila area. This comprehensive service will be offered as a monthly subscription plan for a fixed monthly fee of PHP 400 per member.

“All these services are combined in a single user experience with mobile app called Avizia MyCare, not available in any other country in Asia” … Michael Deakin, CEO Lifeline.
Lifeline is partnering with Philippine based company MyDocNow and US-based company Avizia, a pioneer in the delivery of a telehealth platform that works with large health systems and insurance providers to connect patients to healthcare specialists anywhere in the world.

Lifeline works through a call center, which is a 24/7 facility fully staffed by highly skilled nurses who are trained to perform basic triage, use the functions of telemedicine to manage the doctor/patient connection in order to facilitate a consultation and follow up with a patient and doctor satisfaction survey.

Since it is estimated that 65% of interactions with healthcare organizations will be conducted via mobile devices by 2018, Lifeline is proud to offer a streamlined mobile platform that will bring both Lifeline medical professionals and patients in the Philippines into the next generation of healthcare.

The company will offer its services to its 165,000 Lifeline members (via apps in Google Play and Apple Stores) under the name Avizia MyCare.

For its introduction service, Lifeline offers a free 3-month subscription service for its exiting Lifeline members.

Call 24/7 Hotline 16-911to enquire on how to become a Lifeline member or its telemedicine service.

Doctors are available Mon-Fri 9am to 9pm.

About Lifeline

Lifeline Rescue is the first and only dedicated "Emergency Quick Response" (EQR) service in the Philippines.  Lifeline has seen more than 120,000 lives saved over the last 21 years and has a membership-based service covering up to 3.5 million people.  Being the only fully-equipped ambulance rescue service able to respond to life-threatening situations. Within greater Metro Manila area, it offers a yearly membership program of PHP 1,000 for individual members which includes a range of free services and discounts.
About Avizia

Avizia is revolutionizing the Telemedicine industry - the first to deliver an end to end telemedicine platform combing HIPAA compliant communication with clinical encounter management software and industry leading video devices.

About MyDocNow

MyDocNow is a Philippine based company developing telemedicine applications for health care delivery companies.

Michael Deakin
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.lifeline