For more than 100 years, Lie Nielsen is providing cookies in the city of Bergen.

Bakery and confectionary lovers looking for mouth-watering confectionaries, biscuits and cookies in Bergen, Norway, have a reason to rejoice. Lie Nielsen is fast emerging as the most preferred authentic cafe in the town of Bergen with its lip smacking collection of cakes, biscuits and sandwiches among others.

“Our family business in bakery and confectionary is over 100 years. We use the finest natural and pure ingredients in all our items and our experienced professionals ensure that customers get the authentic taste and flavor of the confectionary they order.  Customers can even order confectionaries online. We are constantly evolving ourselves with the changing times and are adding new items in our lists. Favorable reviews among customers have enhanced our brand image over the years,” opined the management of Lie Nielsen.

With its slogan “You know what the flavor”, Lie Nielsen is catering to the confectionary needs of the people of Bergen and of tourists visiting the city.

About Lie Nielson
Established in 1908 by Nils Lie-Nielsen, Lie Nielsen has provided cookies in Bergen for over 100 years. The company has carved a niche for itself with its skilled workforce and expertise in serving the most delightful cookies, biscuits and sandwiches. One can order wedding cakes, cream cakes, chocolate cakes and cheese-and mousse cakes from here at a reasonable price. With its slogan of “You know what the flavor”, Lie Nielsen has become a brand to reckon with. It serves Norwegian cakes at a reasonable price and is constantly adding to its existing list of items to satisfy the taste buds of confectionary lovers in the city and also of tourists visiting Bergen. Visit for more.
Contact details:
N Small Nielsen AS
Bjørnsonsgt. 36
5052 Bergen
Phone: 55 20 65 00
Fax: 55 20 65 05
Email: [email protected]