09, February 2015: A global Snippet Repository has been a vital need in the IT world for sometime. Though many individuals and companies addressed the issue in many ways, until today a globally recognized library for code snippets was not implemented. However, a dynamic group of individuals introduced the perfect solution for this issue — Libstash. 

Libstash is not a mere snippet repository; it is also a platform where coders can share their code snippets with other fellow developers, get valuable snippets for free from other software developers and follow favorite coders. In addition, Libstash has a similar upvote and downvote functionality available in reddit social network. This is a crucial feature as it allows software developers to rate a code snippet allowing the other users to evaluate the usefulness or accuracy of it at a glance. 

The basic objective is to share brilliant pieces of code with the community. Anyone can stash their codes, which can be viewed by other members and use available snippets for free. Libstash is an open source platform that has the potential to be an international hit in the global coding arena. Code snippets written in a range of high-end computer languages including C#, JavaScript, PoweShell, PHP, Java, CSS, Python, Ruby, MATLAB and C++ are available at Libstash. Software developers, and engineering and IT students can improve their knowledge in a particular language by studying exclusive snippets shared under that particular language without a hassle. Specially students and professional coders who are working on special projects will be immensely benefitted by this virtual code repository. 

Joining this enthusiastic community is trouble-free. Anybody having an e-mail address or facebook account is eligible to become a member of this code sharing social network by creating a user account. 

To be a member of this exclusive social platform or to learn more about Libstash, visit the official website at: https://www.libstash.com/ 

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