Ireland, 17, May 2016: Bogged down in life or low in terms of self-confidence, there are a number of such reasons that may play hindrance to growth and a good livelihood. In such cases it is always recommended to consult people who are experts in offering the required pump or treatment. Psychologist are certified professionals who are not only qualified but have the art of helping people overcome some of the most unwanted situations. These may include depression, low self-confidence, anger, chronic illness and much more. Although, there are many professionals who offer such services, but it is always recommended to try out people who have popularity and have a great track record for dealing in such cases. One such psychologist who has been dealing with such cases and offering her assistance to patients over the years is Leticia Gavin.

She is a certified psychologist from Ireland and is accredited by HSE. She is also a registered member of the Psychological Society of Ireland. Based in Naas, Co Kildare, she offers counselling, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, and mindfulness. She has experience in offering treatment to both adults and children. Specializing in treatments like Depression Counselling Naas or CBT Naas Co Kildare, she has dealt with 100s of successful cases over the years. With experience and professional qualification, she has been a well-known psychologist for counselling Naas. She is highly experienced and has the capacity of understand the problems her patients go through for a particular set of problems. This has enabled her to offer different kinds of treatments as and when applicable to her patients.

As a matter of specialization, she specializes in treating anxiety, depression, anger management, chronic pain, fertility, low self-esteem, traumas, bereavement, grief, etc. For more information about Counselling Co Kildare services by her, patients can visit her website. On the website she offers all the required information in regards to her treatments and an option to get in touch with her through the portal. People not only get the platform to contact her online but are also provided all the details of recommended courses and the fees applicable. In case of queries and personal communication, patients may even give her a call on her professional number. A lot more reviews and information about this popular Psychologist Naas can be accessed online.

About Leticia Gavin

Leticia Gavin is a professionally qualified psychologist who is accredited by HSE offers her consultancy services in Ireland. She offers treatment for anxiety, depression, anger management, and other chronic illness. Based in Ireland she has years of experience behind her. For more information and avail her consultation services, please visit the website.