Have you done an Internet search for Website Design Fort Worth or Web Designer Dallas? If you have, then most likely you have run across www.morecabbage.com. More Cabbage is a well-known and highly regarded marketing, design and technology company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, recognized for its creative approach to Internet marketing and brand development. More Cabbage has helped many companies draw in customers and increase their earnings through strategic planning, modern and effective technology and great design. For effective website design in Fort Worth and Dallas, there is none better.

More Cabbage was established 15 years ago, and has grown a great deal over the years, with list of over 300 clients served. Following are some of the services offered to their clients:

Planning Process: The first step toward building a great website is planning. A detailed and meticulous approach is needed. Various factors such as website strategy, integration, content development, navigation, hosting, and maintenance have to be considered as a part of the planning process.

Design: This step is an integration of programming and design concepts. This will help in creating a website with a professional touch. More cabbage employs different approaches and methods for each website depending on their type and size.

Large websites: For large websites, the More Cabbage approach will include functions like brand development in which a personality is created for the client with the aim of brand recognition and eventual brand loyalty.

Small websites: Small websites do not need an extensive design approach. A simple e-brochure, blog or SEO page may be considered more than enough by the client.

Websites with Content management system- More Cabbage enables their clients to change their own website content. Clients can edit the text, imagery, products, pricing and so on. This is a great advantage for business that frequently change their websites. For example, a client website may contain shopping portals where images of their new collection are posted or they may change their prices and offer special discounts frequently. These clients do not have to have technical knowledge because the More Cabbage interface is simple and very easy to use. It facilitates changes almost as easily as a Facebook page. More Cabbage also provides social and mobile applications which are becoming increasingly popular.

So if you have searched website Design Fort Worth or Web Designer Dallas, and you‘ve come across the www.morecabbage.com link, stop in and visit.