Toronto, Canada, February 25, 2016 —With an eye on the needs of worried parents in need of safe “hoverboards”, a new company based in Toronto, Canada launches a must-have online. Equipped with a 1000W motor power, the Leetboard is one of the fastest scooters on the market achieving top speeds of 15km/h. The board also boasts 25 KM of mileage in a single charge and charges under 1.5 hours. Inside the board features a dual-logic board and battery pack, resulting in a seamless and smoother ride. The board is also sleeker, lighter, and features a friendly carrying design. On the company’s website, under “Our Philosophy” the company’s first mission is safety. Why is this important?

The company reports that not all hoverboards are built with the same quality and use the same high quality components found in the Leetboard. Inferior motherboards also result in a weaker gyroscope control. Unregulated battery packs can damage boards and even spark a fire if overcharged. It is reported that Leetboard only uses Samsung batteries that passes UN38.3(United Labs) strict certifications.

John Yeh, founder of Leetboard, believes that high quality technology should not have to cost a fortune. John set out a mission to provide the best and most unique electronics at an affordable price.

About Leetboard:
Leetboard is a distributor of of self-electric balancing scooters based in Toronto, Ontario. The company is offers a retail catalogue of the best, most unique, and safest products to market. For more information about Leetboard, visit: