24, April 2015: There are a host of expensive and feature-rich smartphones available in the market. Mobile phone users often search for stylish and protective cases, so that they can protect their devices from any damage to keep using it safely without losing the data stored on the devices. Leavingeast’s Store now brings quality and stylish cases from several popular brands for an ultimate protection. Users can choose more personalized designs and can ensure safety of their devices by grabbing a protective case at an affordable price.

The online store introduces Louis Vuitton iPhone 5 Case for people to keep their Apple device in a safe and stylish holder. The LV cases are available at discount prices and one can choose from a variety of designs. The cases are available in lightweight and with anti-slip features so that one can easily carry their mobile phones in hand. The cases have been designed to protect the delicate parts, such as mobile screen, camera lens etc, in case of any accidental drop. With a shock-proof design, these LV cases provide the much-needed protection to one’s device.

Customers can also find smartly designed Gucci iPhone 6 Case on the web store. The designer iPhone case allows users to use the functions and features of iPhone 6 with a great convenience. The case has openings for the camera and charging ports, and one needs not to uncover the device for using the camera or charging the device. The Gucci case is made from high quality leather that offers an attractive look and is of a durable nature. Users can rest assured of a complete protection of their devices and can enhance their style as well while carrying a designer case in hand.

iPhone 6 users can also grab a Louis Vuitton iPhone 6 Case at cheap prices from the online store. Made from quality leather and plastic and with a small golden LV logo, the case looks elegant and provides the much-needed protection to the device. The case has a detachable strap to carry the device safely and one can remove the strap, when not needed. The case has been designed to protect the device and its screen from scratches, dirt and dust.

Leavingeast’s Store has a variety of cases for different iPhone and smartphone models and which can suit the requirements of diverse group of mobile phone users. One can check the entire collection of iPhone or mobile phone cases on the website http://www.leavingeasts.com/

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Leavingeast’s Store provides customers with the best Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other designer phone cases for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, Glaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5 and etc.

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