If your company deals with plenty of tricky issues which don’t seem to have an ending, it’s time you do something with concern to them. It’s time you implement a methodology that will cut these issues to half or even make them disappear. In case you wonder what kind of methodology to adopt, here is one good suggestion: six sigma. By implementing the Five Steps of Lean Six Sigma, which are shortly known as DMAIC, you get to improve your business significantly. What is the DMAIC process?


Before you take up Six sigma and implement it in your business, you need to understand What is the DMAIC process. You need to make a fair idea about the concept that lies at the bottom of Six Sigma. The first step out of the Five Steps of Lean Six Sigma is the “Define” stage. This step involves planning for the project and for the resources, targets, milestones and goals involved with it.


The second stage of Five Steps of Lean Six Sigma is the measuring stage which is based on setting units of measurement and collecting data which is necessary later in the process. Then, the third part is the analysis part which is based on making connections between the data found and computing numbers. This is also the stage where roots of the process issues are found.


The fourth stage is the improvement stage, one where you take the roots of issues found and you do something to improve or prevent them. This stage is about finding solutions that could work on the issues analyzed. The last step is the controlling one. It allows the user to keep under surveillance all the improvements made. Once you understand “What is the DMAIC process?” and how six sigma would benefit your business, don’t waste more precious time. Implement it in your business.


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