USA - To learn Russian phrasebook phrases , a learner can use learn Russian 5000 Phrases apps for free and learn the language via its image design, the pronunciation that is recorded as well as native translation into sixty languages. The phraseology of the app is categorized thematically and includes nearly all aspects of the daily world, from the eatery to the hotel, the workplace to the home, space to the animal territory. Learn Russian 5000 Phrases is without any doubt a priceless learning device as it has a lot of experts developed fun games.

For every Russian expression, learners can find in this app the phrase printed, its translated edition in the lingo of their choice, phrase pronunciation, phraseology transcription in chosen language as well as a picture that enlightens the phrase in a quite clear method to the first timers. The developers who designed and developed the application interface for learn Russian 5000 Phrases stated that the app is appropriate for kids as well as adults.

The developers at Fun Easy Learn a language app development company claimed that “The bit by bit addition of Russian phrases to the database of the app will make the Russian language learning more thrilling for their learners. At present we are on to testing user response and our Research and Development department is also functioning at the background so that the app is more inventive in the future both to the kids and adults alike.”

Most excellent of all is … a learner can learn Russian language through this app without any access to the internet, which has made this app a great source to spend a little time and learn Russian language anywhere: while waiting for the bus, when travelling on a train, or in any isolated places where internet has not yet found its way.

The developers claimed that Speech Recognition and Slow Play mode are the latest features added. The slow learners will, in fact, be thrilled to find that this feature has particularly made their language learning process much easier.

About the Company

Learn Russian 5000 Phrases is a fun language learning Android app designed and developed by Fun Easy Learn.

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