A prediction is something that is expected to happen. Predictions are highly connected to probabilities and odds. Probability is the method of estimating the likelihood of an event, and the odds represent the probability for an event to actually happen divided by the probability for that event to never happen.


Betting predictions are forecasts regarding sporting events. They present information on the potential future of an event, relying on hypothesis, analysis, experience and knowledge. Predictions regarding a football match, for example, are connected to the overall evolution of the two teams participating in the match, their players, and other factors.


While the evolution of football teams and their players are widely known by everybody, field condition, player injuries, or match scheme are generally known by those who research a lot before a game, or by professional tipsters that can provide bettors with reliable football tips. Betting predictions take into account any little thing that could influence the game result.


Before offering valuable pieces of advice to gamblers, tipsters analyze the probability for a certain football team to win or lose. So besides being extremely attentive to everything related to football, tipsters are also skilled mathematicians, using a lot of science to help them offer their tips.


Tipsters take odds into account and provide their tips based on that. An odd in favor of a football team is the probability for that team to win the match divided by the probability to lose it. Odds are expressed in numbers and look something like this: 2:1 or 1:4. Contrarily to what people believe, odds are not similar to chances, although people use these words interchangeably, nor to probabilities.


Those who provide football tips know very well that the odds featured by various bookmakers do not represent the actual probability for an event to happen, but the amount of money the bookmaker is ready to pay for a winning bet. Having said that, it is clear to anyone that you need to take into consideration more than just the odds for your favorite football team to win, before placing a bet.


You need to consider anything regarding the football team on which you prepare to bet. Luck and statistics are just some instruments that smoothen your path to success, but they cannot prove effective unless they are corroborated with thorough research regarding the football match itself.


Any minor thing that could affect the performance of your favorite football team needs to be taken into consideration. Here are some factors that could influence the game result: the date and time of the match, the climate, stadium, supporting fans, noise level, player fatigue, previous injuries and even the hotels where the teams are hosted.

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