USA - Fun Easy Learn, a high-rated app development company has taken a step ahead with their app, Learn French 5000 Phrases by adding two new features- Speech recognition and Slow Play mode. The app was already known for its feature-heaviness and with the new ones added to it; users will certainly benefit in learning the foreign language, as per developers.

Updated to the current version 1.4.7, the app can be downloaded for free by Android users. For those who wish to begin learning the language, a single slick at the download button from the Google Play Store will unveil a new world of French vocabulary.

While bringing these two features, developers consulted with the research team for analyzing the correct learning strategies and thereby incorporated the features. On the one hand, Speech recognition employs pre-recorded pronunciations of words that help users to listen while they learn the French language; the Slow Play mode shares considerable similarity with the former as the voice can be played slowly and as many times as possible for grasping the correct pronunciation. “It is only after they know the use of the word and the right way of uttering, it will prove beneficial to master the phrases used on a daily basis. Furthermore, one can enjoy the overall experience while they Learn French Phrasebook Phrases . This method of coupling learning while enjoying is exactly what we had wished to achieve,” said a developer at Fun Easy Learn.

Besides the two new features, the app promises learning in a different way than age old traditional methods. Since the app is compatible with most devices, users can read the texts, listen to pronunciations, see the illustrative images and thereby connect to the language. “Course content depends on how we procure the materials, instead of just supplying the information, which even the huge books can do,” said the developer, when asked about where lies the USP of the app.

For those interested to Learn French in the modern settings, the app promises immense fun as it brings an array of games, thematic topics and a huge database of words update regularly fop its users.

About the Company

Learn French 5000 Phrases is an effective e-learning app from developers at Fun Easy Learn.

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