12, February 2015: Car owners, parents, and US drivers in general can now gain from the latest price cut revealed by Freddie and Sebbie. Over 40 % has been knocked off the asking price of the Freddie and Sebbie car organizer, from $34.97 down to $19.97, providing for a $30 saving. Official company spokesman, Mr Neil Speight says that Freddie and Sebbie is thrilled to reveal the latest benefit for present and new clients. He added… “This vehicle organizer is specifically developed to fulfill the requirements of vehicle owners, moms and dads, and drivers in general, who require a simple method to keep a vehicle clean and tidy, so in order to get our certain item much better known, the company has taken the decision of giving a 40 % discount rate, assisting to push the price down to under 20 dollars.” 

Car Organizer

Freddie and Sebbie has recently slashed the suggested price of the vehicle organizer to just 19.97, intending to lure US vehicle owners to acquire their particular item, which promises to be the best auto storage organizer for all modern day accessories and requirements, as well as having simple front seat access, which they state will stop vehicle drivers from needing to turn round to reach something, while they are driving, assisting to reduce diversion caused road traffic accidents. 

The item has actually only been offered on Amazon for a couple of months, with validated consumers stating just how much the device has made their lives simpler. One consumer states… “I purchased this product for my eldest daughter, who has a brand new auto which is quite untidy. She installed it so that it’s hanging over the front of her front traveler seat and it has pockets for everything that typically clutters up one’s auto. I’d like one for myself now too. It seems extremely tough and well made. Likewise, the price is really reasonable, and I certainly recommend this item. Julia Cunningham says this vehicle organizer is great. She says… “I purchased one quite similar at a vehicle wash however replaced it for this one, which by far is more superior! It is sturdy and has great pockets for everything you want. I keep mine in arms reach on the traveler side and if I have a passenger I simply spin it around to the back of the seat. This keeps my car tidy and clutter free! Pleased Mother!” 

Lastly, Paula B Bordelon says… “I acquired this organizer for my granddaughter to have a place to save some things when she is riding with me. I am pleased to say that this organizer is well made and the size is the perfect fit for my vehicle. We have not put it to much use yet however I have every self-confidence that it will hold up against the use it will certainly be getting. I take my hat off to Freddie and Sebbie for making use of great materials to construct this organizer, and I will be trying to find products to buy from them again in the future.” 

The full specifications for their luxury car orgainzer can be seen here: http://www.amazon.com/Car-Organizer-Freddie-Sebbie-Accessories/dp/B00OQPRPK8/ 

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