You hear it happening time and time again:
Smart, successful people lose money after accidents that may not have even been their fault because they didn't have the proper insurance plan. The cause of situations like this is obvious: Some insurance agencies prescribe the same plan to all of their clients, without a single thought to the individual. These agencies will try to deliver policies with as little communication as possible with their clients.

Latorre Insurance is not one of those agencies. They appreciate the individual, with the understanding that the same plan is not right for every client. They take the time to fully understand their clients. When they look at their clients, they see more than numbers and forms, as they seek to know each of their clients on a first name basis. They see individuals, with interests, jobs, and fears. They see people with families to protect, lives to lead, and goals to achieve. And, most importantly, they see solutions to these goals.

You'll never hear a Latorre Insurance client saying, "I wish I had more coverage" or "If only my insurance agent had cared more", and that's because Latorre Insurance offers affordable plans with optimal coverage to each client, based on their distinct individual needs. They take the time to listen to their client.

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Latorre Insurance offers insurance in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Monroe, serving their North Carolina clients with knowledge, experience, and, most importantly, heart!

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