Rising of the new trends in the funeral services has made the families of the deceased people get the customised services. It’s quite obvious that the individuals do not show any specific interest in the funeral trends, yet that doesn’t stop the owners of the funeral services Southampton from including the latest trends in their service lists. When you search about the funeral directors New Forest, you will come across many trends that worth your investigation.


  • Interactive Tombstone: Many a time, you may wonder about the life of the deceased person when you walk past his tombstone. But now, the renowned funeral services Southampton enables you to get that information with the help of some codes. They engrave the codes on the tombstone allowing you to scan it using your smartphone. Once you scan the code, you will land on a page where you will get all the necessary information about that dead person.


  • Cremation Using Water: Generally, in cremation, the body of the deceased is burnt down to ashes. But in water cremation, the directors use the Bio Cremation Technology that breaks down the body with the help of an alkali solution of potassium hydroxide and water. Inside a pressurised chamber composed of metal, they place the body. It is then completely filled with water. After that, they increase the temperature to 350 degrees. The body is broken down due to the excessive heat, water, and the pressure.


  • Mesoloft: Another trend that you will get while browsing the services of funeral directories New Forest is Mesoloft. It is a unique commemorative service that is performed by the aerospace engineers. They will take the body of the dead one to the sky and launch it there. When the urn reaches the best possible height, they open it and scatter the ashes in to the sky. However, this is a bit expensive process.


  • Themed Funerals: These kinds of funerals are becoming increasingly popular among the common people. From the name, you surely have understood that these funerals are based on the themes of the interests of the dead person. The themed funeral services can range from the elaborate patterns to the decorative schemes. As such, these funerals are generally, very colourful.


  • Green coloured Funerals: Today, the society is giving special emphasis on going green. As such, eco-friendly burials have come into existence. It is an environmentally conscious method where the body of the loved one is kept inside a green coloured coffin.


All you have to do while contacting the funeral service is to inform them what kind of service you want to have. They will make the necessary arrangement to carry out your funeral plan in the best possible manner. Make sure that they understand what you need and the let the soul of your loved one rest in peace in a different way.


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