China; 26, May 2017: Medical practitioners and healthcare experts overwhelmingly agree that prostrate disease is an extremely intractable and ungovernable ailment largely because the symptoms are idiopathic. Simply put, owing to the intractability associated with detecting the disease in an individual, treating the same can more often than not becomes a complicated task for the urologist. Despite the availability of numerous treatment techniques, majority of the urologists as well as patients are not quite content with the outcomes. Dr Song, a seasoned urologist has devoted nearly 3 decades of his life towards conducting pioneering research in afflictions related to the prostate gland. He is also credited with developing a customized 3D PTT (prostate targeted treatment) many years ago and he offers this signature treatment technique at his 3D Clinics one located in Xiangtan and the other in Changsha city.

This 3D treatment procedure is a sophisticated technique that makes use of a non-surgical process which means the method is completely safe and doesn’t lead to side effects. At the same time, a typical patient undergoing this treatment system can rest assured that he or she will not suffer a relapse. This treatment technique has been extensively exploited by Dr. Song and his medical team for dealing with prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, enlarged prostate, seminal vesiculitis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, prostate blockage and calcification, cystitis, and epididymitis. Dr. Song has garnered widespread experience in analyzing laboratory samples, massaging prostrate, examination of microbes, and conducting treatment of affected areas via syringing.

Dr. Song has personally supervised and monitored 3D treatment for prostatitis review on behalf of innumerable patients. Needless to say, a good number of these patients who had visited the doctor at his clinic were diagnosed with a complicated form of the disease. Most of the patients who underwent treatment at Dr. Song’s urology clinic have corroborated the efficacy of the non-surgical medical procedure as the disease did not relapse following treatment. Dr. Song and his team confidently claim that their patented 3D PTT is more effective than all other comparable treatment techniques that are exploited with the objective of eliminating the contributory pathogenic cells and pathogens.

The 3D treatment system taken advantage of by Dr. Song entails a step-by-step course of action namely diagnosis or determination, annihilation, and discharge. In the first step, a thorough analysis and evaluation is carried out to pinpoint the prostatic endotoxin and the causative pathogens as well as the lacerated tissue sites affected by prostatitis. At the next stage, following the determination of the prostatic endotoxin and contributory pathogenic cells, treatment commences where small syringes carrying medications are directly injected into the affected areas. In the ultimate step, a unique unblocking technique clears away calcification products, and numerous prostatic endotoxins from the gland.

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Dr Song’s 3D Urology and Prostate Clinics in Xiangtan and Changsha cities have been helping patients to get relief from severe forms of prostatitis.

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