India, December 16, 2013: Film industry is one of biggest and most prosperous industries in the World. The major and the simplest reason of the continuous growth of the entertainment industry is its acceptance among people. In India, Movies are usually watched in cinema halls and on televisions. However, Hindi movies online have gained significant popularity due to video streaming websites like Join 4 Movies. Watching movies online is relatively new and less popular among Indians but steadily gaining audience. Most importantly, online movie streaming sources are dynamic and create the opportunity of watching movies as long as internet is available. Thus, young and old can enjoy movies as and when they need, provided they have any device that supports internet. 

Join 4 Movies is a complete source to watch latest hindi movies online for free. It has a staggering collection of 3251 movies. Interestingly, all the movies are in Hindi but may not necessarily be Bollywood productions. The idea and purpose of Join 4 Movies is to make movies available online to be watched by Hindi speaking audience. Therefore, in addition to all the Bollywood movies that can be found at the website, many movies in Indian regional languages as well as international languages including English are also available at the site. It is a service worth appreciation because dubbing movies from one language into another is an industry in itself. 

The most amazing and liberating feature of Join 4 Movies is that all movies are totally free and conveniently accessible. The home of the website features a selection of movies for quick watch. There are separate tabs for ‘movie-list’, ‘latest movies’, ‘Bollywood movies’, ‘dubbed movies’ and ‘Punjabi movies’. Movies-list is the page to search for the entire database of movies available at Join 4 Movies. The results displayed on this page can be filtered by selecting the appropriate number or alphabet that is used as the initial of the required movie. The Bollywood tab has 6 separate drop-down tabs, of which 5 represent years from 2009 to 2013 while one represents 1945-2008. This enables users to search for movies according to their year of release. The search filed is the quickest way to search for movie in any page. Users who find it tough to browse through hundreds of results to find a movie can simply type the name of the movie in search box to find it instantly. 

Streaming totally free latest hindi movies online is a remarkable service but may confuse users about the source of income of the website. The advertisements displayed on every webpage generate revenue for Join 4 Movies so that users do not have to be charged. Before streaming Hindi movies online, the website provides format options to seek the preference of users. 

About Join 4 Movies: 


Join 4 Movies is a website that streams Hindi movies online for free. The streaming is done in association with Bollytime and Play-Net. The streaming is totally free without registration and downloading. The company relies on advertisements for revenue generation.