Exeter, NH, August 28, 2013 - The Pottery Co offers the largest selection of Italian pottery from the regions of Umbria, Tuscany, Sicily and Puglia. Our Italian Ceramics collection rivals our competitors. The Pottery Co is especially known for its extensive and diverse collection of Italian Tiles and Italian Platters.

The Pottery Co offers Italian platters in all shapes and sizes. These Italian pottery pieces come ready to hang and are food safe for your table. Some of these platters are unique “one of a kind” Italian ceramic pieces. You can find a beautiful Italian platter in all patterns on our site. Every pattern tells its own story.

In addition to our extensive Italian platter collection, The Pottery Co offers a unique selection of Italian Tiles. Most of these Italian pottery pieces are from the town of San Stefano, Sicily and are known as “First Stones”. In Italy one will see many Italian ceramic “First Stones” hanging in homes. These bring good luck and fortune to the household. The Pottery Co also offers Italian Tiles from factories in Tuscany and Deruta. Italian ceramics of this quality can be found in people’s homes may it be within a back splash or just hanging on the wall.

Italian Tiles and Italian Platters are the most sought after pieces of Italian pottery. This is why The Pottery Co has such a large and one of a kind of selection to choose from. Each one of our Italian tiles and Italian Platter pieces are different from the other and come with a card explaining the history of that specific Italian ceramic pattern and painting from that region.

About The Pottery Co
The Pottery Co has been traveling to Italy for over 30 years to personally buy our large collection of Italian pottery. Our relationship with the artisans from the factories allows us to get the highest quality pieces of Italian ceramics. This is why our collection of Italian Tiles and Italian Platters is so impressive and will make the perfect gift. Shop for Italian pottery at http://www.thepotteryco.com.