23/01/2020:Bangalore: Laminectomy is one of the most suitable cures for spinal stenosis. A common type of Laminectomy surgery is performed for the removal or reshaping of a spinal disc as part of a lumbar discectomy. This is also a solution to a herniated disc, bulging, or degenerated disc.

Laminectomy surgery is a special surgical treatment for the preservation of vertebral bone called the lamina. This spine surgery is conducted to remove the damaged lamina. The traditional form of Laminectomy surgery removes much more than just the lamina, the entire posterior backbone is removed and replaced in this surgery, along with overlying ligaments and muscles.

Laminectomy Surgery in Bangalore

Currently, minimally invasive Laminectomy is much popular that is a tissue preserving surgery that leaving the muscles intact, spares the spinal process and removes only one or both lamina.

Recently, India has become a medical hub offering different types of spine and neurosurgeries to patients around the world. Apart from being of the high-tech city of India, Bangalore is also a desired destination to many overseas patients to get the best treatment facilities in India. Laminectomy Surgery in Bangalore is one of the best options for international patients as the city can provide a number of specialized hospitals and surgery can be done under trained and experienced experts.

Every year, thousands of overseas patients come to this city for different spinal surgeries and medical treatments and after surgery can enjoy their recuperative holidays.

A number of world-class hospitals and specialized multi-specialty health centers are available in Bangalore providing expertise of trained surgeons at a reasonable treatment price. India is home to a number of best-qualified professionals in the field of neuro and spine surgery, and this fact has now been realized the world over.

Some of the top specialized laminectomy surgery hospitals in Bangalore are Fortis Hospital,  Columbia Asia Hospital, Yeshwanthpur & Whitefield, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital, Spine Care And Ortho Care Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Wockhardt Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Aster Hospital, and so on.

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