The Lake District of England is a region full of exotic natural beauties and unparalleled serenity. Located in the North of England, the place is famous for its enthralling beauty and lovely surroundings. Lake District Tours are mostly famous due to its striking and rich cultural past that involves three very famous poets of this region. Among these poets, one name that is often heard with huge respect is William Wordsworth. Lake District Coach Tours promotes this land of beauties by taking you to England’s highest mountain peak, Scafell Pike and deepest lake, Wasdale. All these breathtaking spots have made this place extremely unique and most popular destination in the UK.

Once upon a time, in the 17th century, hiking and walking tours were mainly enjoyed by the local people who used to reside in that area as they were the ones who could easily reach the exotic mountain spots and gurgling river waters of the neighbouring regions. Things started to take a turn from 1778, when Thomas West published his pioneering guidebook, especially on the Lake District. It actually promoted tourism and the beauty of the place compelled hundreds of visitors to travel to this area. The place became so widely popular in the end of late 18th century that the local institutions started to construct ‘station houses’. In these houses and viewpoints, the visitors will be able to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the vast extents of the Lake District. Stunning views and captivating landscapes covers the entire expanse, making this place a paradise of England.

William Wordsworth wrote his first Lake District Tours guidebook in the year 1810, highlighting the natural beauty of the place so that people come to find out how much beautiful this place is. In fact, he loved the place so much that Lake District was his poetic inspiration and it’s evident in many of his writings. He played a significant role in promoting the glorious scenery of this place, along with other Lake Poets. Lake Poets is a collective name given to a group of iconic poets who lived in this district during that era of 18-19th century.

After the establishment of railway tracks in areas of Windermere and Kendal, tourism sector in this region started to flourish. The railway links made this place easily accessible to the visitors and thus various installations started to get constructed to accommodate the huge number of tourists. Steamer boats came into the picture that made people to explore the lakes by boat. All these boosted the tourism industry to soaring heights and slowly and steadily Lake District Coach Tours started to come into picture.

In short, The Lake District is magical land yet to be unravelled by you. So, take a trip to this part of the world in order to experience the surreal rustic beauty in England.

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