Attaching lace front wigs to your head is not as easy as putting a cap on and this is where you will learn the things you need to use in order to make it happen. It is a process that you need to be very careful with if you want to get the look you were going for, but it will take a lot less time than going to a hair dresser in order to fix up your hair.


In order to cover all the aspects, we need to start at the base. One of the first things you need to keep in mind is that the lace front wigs will not be attached to your hair and you will need a cap in order to protect it. This cap will be made of a strong material that will not allow the any substance to go through and the wig will go on top of it.


The first role the cap will play is to serve as a base for the lace front wigs, but it will also be meant to keep your hair hidden and safe as well. No matter if you have long or short hair, it needs to go under the cap so the wigs will come in place and due to the materials, it will be able to keep the hair safe as well during the time you will wear the wig.


On top of the cap you will need to use the adhesive for the lace front wigs with bangs. Given that the materials used for the base of the wig will also be solid, it will be able to stick to the cap with a lot less issues. Once the hair piece is on, it will stay there for as long as you need it to, but you have to care for it every time you get back in the house.


This is the time when you will put the lace front wigs with bangs on and you need to be sure it is in the right place. Once the adhesive will set and the wig is attached, you will need to use a solution for removing the cap and then you will have to repeat the process. If you do not want to waste time, you need to do it right at first and avoid any issues.


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