05, August 2016: Labs4All, an organization founded by Alaaldin Eljub seeks funds for their new project to promote better education. He is a man from Jordan who has a wide range of experience in the fields of VR and elearning. In fact, he even went to different countries andmade great contributions in leading elearning projects. It has always been his dream to help students from the different parts of the world to have better education. Thus, he has come up with the idea of starting a project that aims to provide 30 complete math science virtual labs for all.

For the organization, everyone has the right to receive education. However, not all parents are capable of sending their children to private schools or schools that have their own laboratories, especially families who only have a limited income. In fact, an estimate of 50% of public does not have science labs that are effective for teaching students all the things that they should learn. Thus, this project aims to give them hope that their children, even those in the next generations to come, would still be provided with better education through the use of virtual laboratories that could help them reach their own success in life.

In order to make this vision happen, the organization is encouraging people to lend a helping hand. They aim to acquire at least $300,000 to complete virtual labs that would surely change the way students can learn. This amount of money would be spent in the art, educational expert’s effort, training, support and programming. They aim to gather that amount of money as soon as possible in order for them to continue onworking on the project and finish it earlier than expected. By simply contributing or donating some money, one would be able to change the lives of the students who wanted to receive better education.

Through this wonderful project, millions of students from the different parts of the world would be able to use virtual labs that would contribute a lot in their learning process. Through it, they would also be given the chance to discover and experiment theories involving math and science that can help them in the real world. It can truly help them a lot.

The organization is aware of the fact that the quality of education received by a student who has an access to laboratories is better than those who doesn’t have an access on it. That is why they have come up with a decision to offer labs in a creative and modern way. They want to provide labs that are accessible virtually, which means that the school do not even to allot a physical space for it. The students only need to have a device or gadget such as a tablet, smartphone or PC to do it as the organization plans to make their labs available and accessible on multi platforms.

Surely, these virtual labs would be a great alternative to physical labs. This is because it allows a student not to miss out any hands on experience that they can get out of utilizing it. It would also help add value to education as through it, abstract ideas can be presented in a manner that would be easily understood by the students. In other words, it is a means to allow students to learn in a meaningful way. The advancement in the technology has been giving people tons of opportunities to create positive changes and development in education. So, the organization has decided to take advantage of that.

They have also considered the fact that not all schools have an access to the internet and they plan on solving that problem by ensuring that the students can make use of the labs regardless of whether they are online or offline and at all times on top of that. Not only are they planning to offer these virtual labs to schools who cannot afford them for they are also planning to offer them even on those who already has an effective laboratory as a support to their learning system.

The organization accepts funds from anyone who is willing to render help in turning their dreams into reality. One can simply make a payment. On the other hand, they are also very much willing to accept any ideas that would improve their project. For those who are interested in providing the organization some funds, they accept any amount of money. In case they have not met their target fund, they would still do their best in order to keep up with the project using the current fund that they have. They are exerting their best effort in order to come up with as much virtual labs as they can. For more information, just visit their website, https://igg.me/at/s89fxTGNwC4/x/12776854.

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