China; 21, March 2017: Laboratories and Educational Institutions often require several types of chemical compounds to carry out their research. For all such research organizations, Trustworthy Chemicals has a wide variety of chemical compounds that they can supply for non-commercial uses only. These are rare chemicals available with the utmost purity that a research laboratory can procure from them.

Among different types of chemicals, NM-2201 is an important chemical that Trustworthy Chemicals can supply in any desired quantity. Its chemical formula is C24H22FNO2 and the molecular weight is 375.160. The chemical compound is available with 99.7% purity. This synthetic cannabinoid could have several unidentified properties that yet to be investigated. Till then insufficient research data is available on the chemical and this is the reason why research labs are often looking out for this compound. Trustworthy Chemicals is offering the chemical for research labs to determine its properties in detail.

Research labs can also procure 5F-ADB in bulk quantity from Trustworthy Chemicals to investigate its chemical properties. It is a powerful synthetic cannabinoid and is often found as an active ingredient in several synthetic cannabis products. The chemical formula of the compound is C20H28FN3O3. The traces of this chemical were first detected in people who died from the drug overdose, and this is the reason why Trustworthy Chemicals never recommends it for the human consumption. It is found to be more toxic in comparison to other synthetic cannabinoid drugs used earlier and research labs can carry out further research to evaluate its toxicological properties.

One of the rarest chemicals that Trustworthy Chemicals is supplying currently is 4-CL-PVP. Its Molecular Formula is C15H20ClNO and it is available in the crystalline form. The company supplies the compound with 99.9% purity, which makes it perfect for the research. This new research chemical is from the family of stimulants and very limited research data is available on this compound in the market. Research labs can procure this chemical in a desired quantity from Trustworthy Chemicals at any time and can visit their website

About Trustworthy Chemicals:

All products sold by Trustworthy Chemicals for the sole purpose of research and education. None of these products is sold for human or animal consumption or for any type of illegal usage. They have own three Laboratories, and they employ all necessary production and quality control procedures. As a result, they can boast of maintaining 98-99% purity or better for every chemical they supply. They ship research chemicals nearly worldwide, especially to the USA, Europe, New Zealand, Asia and the UK.

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