Niobrara, Nebraska - The Kreycik family loves hunting and has been guiding elk hunting tours for more than fifteen years. These elk hunts take place on a ranch owned by the family for five generations, and family members are always available for guided hunts. While guided elk hunts are the Kreycik's most popular activity, the family also leads buffalo hunts and turkey shoots, both guided and unguided.

As one of Nebraska's leading elk hunting outfitters, the Kreyciks take a hands-on approach to the business. Kenard, Chris and Steve Kreycik began with an elk-raising hobby and grew to become one of the leading elk hunting outfitter businesses in the Midwest. The family leads elk hunts that take in about 25 bulls per year. Repeat clients give rave reviews to KSK Big Game Outfitters, located on the web at , both for their elk hunting trips as well as their other trophy hunting guided trips and their hospitality to visitors. All hunters on guided trips eat their meals and stay with the family in the ranch house.

This year, KSK Big Game Outfitters offers a discount for any group of two or more hunters who book together. This is a chance for family and friends to enjoy a hunting trip together at a more affordable price. The amount of the discount depends on the number of people booked in the group and the type of target game, so prospective hunters should contact KSK Big Game Outfitters for more information or to book a trip.

KSK Big Game Outfitters will work with groups of two or more hunters to create the perfect hunting trip in terms of length and type of game sought. Now, groups can also enjoy a great discount on the total cost of a hunting trip, making it easy for hunters to afford a professionally-guided big game trip.

About KSK Big Game Outfitters:

KSK Big Game Outfitters is a hunting business that is owned, managed and operated by the Kreycik family on their Nebraska ranch. The Kreyciks have been in the hunting business since 1994 and offer a variety of hunting experiences for groups of all sizes.

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