Kouboo.com sells a unique selection of home décor items, sourced from various exotic places of the world, in an effort to support poor communities that rely on crafts for their survival.

The store is centered on traditional crafts, aiming to help artisans in poor regions earn their bread and make their craft known to the world. All products are made of natural materials,  with all the details for use and care given on the website.

At kouboo.com/baskets-organizing visitors can order seagrass, rattan and wicker baskets, trays, bins, wine racks, storage baskets and more such objects, with a wide range of applications. These are presented as efficient solutions to de-clutter rooms and offices, at the same time ensuring the esthetic factor is present. Their timeless charm allows for a blending of styles with great esthetic effect.

For clients looking for that special touch in their homes, the collection at kouboo.com/lighting reveals lighting fixtures to match contemporary home interiors, made to suit themes such as: nautical, rustic, modern, feminine, glamour etc. The range includes Capiz seashell chandeliers, wood bead pendant lamps and wicker pendant lamps among other products, all sourced from the same communities and made of high quality natural materials.

All objects at Kouboo can be purchased to update or refresh one's home in a very easy way. The store counts items for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, which are not produced industrially on a large scale, but made in homes and small workshops, mainly in rural communities around the world.

All clients benefit of free shipping on all items and have access to the store's frequent discounts. Kouboo has partnered up with Kiva loans in a campaign dedicated to helping marginalized people succeed and young entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

About the company

Kouboo is a company based in south Laguna, CA, selling online a wide range of home décor items and storage solutions, all made of natural materials and produced in exotic regions of the world.

To find out more about the products, send an e-mail to [email protected] or visit kouboo.com

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