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The firm's uninterrupted record of growth and profitability, through up and down business cycles, is rooted in a client-centred approach that values relationships over transactions. In all instances, we strive to understand the unique aspects of the client's operation and do not hesitate to advise against a transaction if it does not appear to serve the client's long-term interests.

Koenig Rowe Campbell Alliance has made the announcement that it is creating a Special Opportunity Client Fund to cater the Agricultural sector. The new fund will be managed by the A.R.E.O.P. Desk lead by Albert Hoff — Member of the Board of Directors, Head of Business Development Strategies.

The KRC Alliance Special Opportunity Fund focuses on recommending, facilitating and advising on investment opportunities in the Agriculture Sector.

Demand for agriculture products is primed for growth as the global population is growing at 25 million people per year. Agriculture production will have to double by 2050 leading to higher demand for food, feed and fibre.
Farmland based investment products offer high-yield risk adjusted returns, Farmland investments have two disparate components - the long term land appreciation potential and the annual income return.

The formation of the new speciality client fund and the A.R.E.O.P. Desk is part of the strategy diversification policy adopted by Koenig Rowe Campbell Alliance in 2015.

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