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Recommended points out that Internet is really not free for anyone because reporters, photographers, software developers, hosting companies and content-delivery people get paid by someone or the other and that someone includes everyone who uses the Net. They also point out that all the users who do browsing of the Internet willingly trade their privacy for the so called “free” Internet.

Recommended Solutions mainly point their fingers towards advertisers who gladly spend money for the Internet access of users because they can gain access to the details of the users in exchange for the enormous amounts they spend. They get all the details like what the users like or dislike, what they are willing to pay, what can motivate the users buy what they offer and so on, points out Recommended Solutions. Recommended Solutions tries to guide Internet users to know the details Google knows about them. Users should visit for having these details, says Recommended Solutions.

Recommended Solutions takes pride in offering and reviewing a few solutions or tools that may help users protect their privacy from advertisers, potential hackers and others. They admit that common sense is the best privacy solution but, nonetheless, they advise users to be thoughtful and careful while using the Net if they want to have true privacy.

Internet users should choose an appropriate VPN for the security of their private details, says Recommended Solutions. They warn that Wi-Fi hot-spots like the airports, hotels and coffee shops are a hacker’s dream and therefore, Internet users should opt for using VPN tools that are nothing but software applications that can encrypt their Internet traffic so that their privacy is secured from Sniffing attacks.

Recommended Solutions suggests Secure Messaging applications also for users because these applications can help in protecting their communications in view of the fact that these users may not be aware that texting via their cell phones or tablets is also not safe. Recommended Solutions points out that a number of personal email systems are soft targets for hackers. So, they advise users to make use of appropriate applications and solutions for protecting their privacy.

There are several other cool tools that can protect the privacy of users, says Recommended Solutions. But, they are quick to warn the users that almost all the browser extensions or add-ons are not effective at all because of their reliance on Apache web servers that completely ignore and disregard the instructions on the popular browsers like the Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari.

About Recommended Solutions

Recommended Solutions has come out with recommendations and reviews about the tools and applications on the Internet that can protect the privacy of Net users. They say that Net users will do well if they choose the appropriate solutions for ensuring the security of their details.

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