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The spread of the Zika virus has become a global concern. According to the World Health Organization, the Zika virus disease is called by the transmission of the virus through the Aedes mosquitoes.

Patients with the Zika virus disease reportedly experience symptoms that range from mild fever, muscle pains, joint pains and headaches among others. The symptoms are said to last for up to seven days.

Since the Zika virus is a mosquito-borne disease like the dengue fever, water quality is an issue when it comes to the spread. Website YSI, Inc. shared more about these.

The Zika mosquito can breed in stagnant water or water sources that are left untreated, according to the website. Some of the areas where the mosquitoes can grow are flower pot containers, used cans, old tires, lakes, ponds, freshwater swamps, marshes, wastewater systems and flooded areas.

The website also specified certain things that people can do to prevent the spread of the virus. The prevention of the spread of the mosquitoes begins with keeping water sources clean, YSI Inc. noted.

People should learn emptying or draining any container that can store stagnant water. If there are waters stored inside buckets, tires or pools, it is best if they can eliminate these. It is also necessary to make sure that homes and offices have proper drainage systems.

With outdoor water sources such as swimming pools, chlorinating the swimming pools can help prevent the spread of the mosquitoes. Water aeration is also a recommended method for ponds, lakes and fountains.

How HealthyWiser’s digital TDS meter can help

The HealthyWiser water testing kit can be used to ensure that water quality is good. This can make sure that water sources are safe and clean in homes and offices. It is a professional-grade TDS meter with EC testing for better accuracy.

“HealthyWiser’s [TDS meter] comes with a lifetime warranty providing damage is not from misuse or improper operation of product. Unit is not watertight and should not be stored in direct sunlight or high temperature locations,” the company stated on the Amazon page.

About the company

As a rising brand in the field of skincare, cosmetics and personal health, HealthyWiser aims to focus on providing innovative health-friendly products that are enriching to people and their environment in the United States. For more information about the TDS EC meter, visit their Amazon page.

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