Australia ,07, September 2016: Knightsbridge Furniture maintains an extensive catalogue of commercial furniture, which includes a wide variety of items, such as dining chairs, restaurant tables, lounge sofas, hospital furniture and lots more. They have elegantly designed furniture pieces that have own functional advantages and also add to the style and sophistication of a place.

The furniture company specializes in banquette and booth seating Canberra that brings a creative and stylish way to deck up the seating space. Whether it is an expansive or a compact area, they have the perfect banquette and booth seating pieces to accommodate people and provide them with a comfortable, stylish and enjoyable seating option to spend some time leisurely. The uniquely designed seating pieces present endless options to create a lively environment for everyone present in the banquette or lounge area.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they continuously strive to offer great solutions to different commercial sectors. The company has been the leading Chesterfield Lounges Sydney furniture provider with different types of lounge furniture, including Australian made couches, two-seaters, three-seaters, tub chairs, armchairs and lots more. These lounge furniture pieces are available in different dimensions to fit exactly the lounge space and one can choose from different finishes and fabrics to match the style and the interiors of the lounge.

Knightsbridge manufactures sector-specific furniture items and one can find different kinds of furniture for different industries. They have hospital furniture, Mental Health Furniture Sydney, aged care dining tables and chairs, waiting room seating for attendants and lots more. They offer mental health foam furniture that is safe and comfortable for mental patients. The solid foam couches are available in custom vinyl colors for clients to choose furniture pieces that are in sync with the hospital’s interior.

From aged care dining chairs Melbourne to bariatric chairs Melbourne, the Australian furniture company offers safe solutions that come with structural warranty. They have commercial furniture for different facilities, offering a comfortable and luxurious way to spend time in a cheerful environment. To check the complete range of commercial furniture available with them, one can visit the website

About Knightsbridge Furniture

Knightsbridge provides creative banquette seating and booth seating solutions. They also supply a commercial range of hospitality furniture and aged and health care furniture. The company specializes in creating quality custom made fixed seating, wall panelling, bar panelling, custom made bedheads and specialised ottomans for government departments, restaurants, schools, universities, clubs, bars, shopping centres, hospitals, medical centres, offices, hotels and resorts. Their complementary range of banquette seating and furniture for these applications includes: reception furniture, waiting room furniture, beam seating, sofas, lounge furniture, coffee tables, dining chairs and tables, recliners, aged care chairs, health care chairs, bariatric furniture, outdoor furniture, barstools, gaming stools, cafe furniture, restaurant tables and tub chairs.

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