According to reviews, Kitchen Supreme Spiral Slicer is the tool to use when cooking veggie dishes for kids.

New York 12th December

Kitchen Supreme Veggie spiralizer is a must have kitchen gadget for parents with picky children. Apparently, the company has received several positive reviews, coming specifically from clients who have used the product. Due to its sharp blades, this spiral veggie slicer can cut through a variety of vegetables.

Children seem to appreciate the colorful plates made from veggie noodles and have no problem eating healthy dishes on a regular basis. The process of obtaining veggie noodles or zoodles is simple and appealing. According to parents who have purchased the Kitchen Supreme vegetable slicer, children are eager to get involved in the actual meal preparation.

”This little slicer is fun and even the kids enjoy using it. My kids will eat a larger variety of foods when they prepare them. I give them carrots, cucumbers, zucchini and other veggies and they go to town with this spiral slicer. They have fun making "birds nests" and dressing them up/decorating them by colors, different dressings and anything else they can find. They also have fallen in love with zucchini noodles that they make themselves with this spiral slicer. I love the fact that they are "eating a rainbow" of veggies now that they can create their own foods.”- Customer review by Bob and Elle Davis on

This vegetable pasta maker is a wise investment, because it can help customers switch to a happy and healthy lifestyle. The zoodles are adequately created, easily replacing regular high carb pasta. Veggie pasta have the same taste and texture, being highly nourishing and full of vitamins.

About the product

The spiral slicer brought by Kitchen Supreme is a professional product that can be used to create a large number of healthy dishes using diverse vegetables. All dishes are prepared in record time. This product is suitable for parents with picky children, vegans, vegetarians and people looking to lose weight or switch to a healthy lifestyle. The Kitchen Supreme Spiral Slicer has sharp Japanese blades, it is easy to use and clean. It is a dishwasher safe product, but it also comes with a brush to make the manual cleaning simple. In the same package, the customer will receive a recipe book and a ceramic peeler.

About the company

In 2013, Kitchen Supreme, small family business was created. For the last three years, this company has been selling its products online on dedicated, trustworthy platforms. The goal is to achieve customer satisfaction. Products are therefore manufactured with the utmost care and attention and constantly improved. Kitchen Supreme understands the needed improvements by considering the customer feedback. That is why the company emphasizes the importance of reviews.

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