Wilmington, Delaware, August 3, 2016 — Looking for a kitchen gadget that will not only functions as reliable kitchen tool, but also promotes healthy eating to the family? Here comes the revolutionary design of colander released by Kitch Elegance. This plastic food colander is a perfect option for those who are looking for a gadget to be used in straining, draining, serving, cleaning fruits, vegetables and pastas at home. Its features, revolutionary designs, quality, and usability will guarantee you with total satisfaction, as it meets every requirement you need in acquiring a healthy eating.

If you are already a veteran or just getting started to learn everything in the kitchen, it is always a good idea to have a partner not only to make your job fast and easy, but also to cater a clean and ideal process in preparing food that is essential for healthy eating. That is why Kitch Elegance presents this extreme and useful innovation to make a story and history from your kitchen prowess. The company is priding to release their Colander Secret Door, which to be benefited by professional chefs and even by the common kitchen enthusiast.

You will be provided with an ultimate convenience in serving, draining and straining various foods that require any cleaning process to have a clean preparation. Colander Secret Door’s excellent design makes it easy for you to transfer any kinds of food from colander going to a bowl or pot. This product can help you eliminate the messy spills and always keep your hands clear from liquid and hot foods. It means that when the process is done well, bacteria and viruses will stay away from the food, making the food become healthier for the whole family.

“This revolutionary colander is a new innovation and it has been in the pride of Kitch Elegance to distribute it to every household and restaurant. We make sure that this is going to be beneficial for all, making the job faster, easier, and most importantly, to render a healthy living to the family,” said the CEO of Kitch Elegance.

You may contact Kitch Elegance at [email protected] for more information about the product.

About the Kitch Elegance:
Kitch Elegance is a company that provides the most sophisticated yet high standard kitchen materials used for cooking and preparing any type of foods. Their main goal is to provide the kitchen enthusiast, chefs, and discerning cooks with an equipment filled with reliability, affordability, usability and functionality to make the job always fast and easy. Today, they take pride to release their new product, the Colander Secret Door.

Contact Information:
Company Name: Kitch Elegance
Address: 1201 Orange St. #600
Wilmington, DE 19899

County: New Castle
Website: www.kitchelegance.com
Email Address: [email protected]