06, July 2016: Now, an RFID protected wallet is available for people to carry their valuables, without worrying about losing it. The thin RFID chip provides an added security to one’s walle and gives people freedom and peace of mind. The need for such type of wallets is well understood, as men often keep their wallets in the back pockets of their trousers. This makes it easier for pickpockets to steal a wallet. The RFID protected wallets from Kisetsu provide the much­needed protection one needs to keep his wallet safe.

Besides, Kisetsu brings a minimalist wallet that is slim and easy to carry in the back pocket. At the same time, a fat wallet is easier to be stolen. Many doctors will recommend today carrying slim wallets, as men carrying a fat wallet may suffer from pain and discomfort in their buttock. When men sits on a fat wallet in their back pocket, it compresses the sciatic nerve of the person, resulting in a pain or discomfort.

For all men, Kisetsu brings a wallet naturopathy solution in terms of a thin wallet that is not unhealthy for a man’s back. For men who carry a number of cards in their wallet, the Kisetsu wallet could prove a real solution with its minimalist design. While it is irresistible to carry several cards and thick cash in the wallet, it is possible to carry a wallet that is not thick and practically offers a protection against theft due to its RFID chip.

The slim wallet offered by Kisetsu has one quick card compartment for quickly accessing credit or debit cards. Besides RFID protection, it has curved corners to avoid pressing any nerve when one sits on it. Behind the cash band, there is a SIM card slot and also has a unique key or coin slot. The wallet also has an elastic card compartment that can easily accommodate up to 6 cards. The wallet can easily hold 6­8 cards, cash, coins and a pen. One can learn more about this RFID protected wallet by visiting the website https://www.kisetsu.co.

About Kisetsu:

Kisetsu offers a range of RFID secured slim wallets that suits different lifestyles and occasions. They design and craft amazing wallets for everyone. All wallets are made with full grain leather or crazy horse leather and come integrated with RFID blocking fabric. They have RFID protected wallets that offer protection from theft.

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