Chino Hills, California - Kiran Udeshi never talks much about his work with needy children. However, Kiran and his wife Arlene have made a habit of giving back some of the things they have been blessed with in order to make the lives of needy children better, and their work comes to a focal point at the holiday season.

"There are so many children out there quietly struggling with poverty," says Kiran Udeshi. "My wife and I not only want to make sure that they have the essentials such as food, clothing and shelter but that they also have a little of the joy everyone else is experiencing during the holiday season."

To this end, Kiran and Arlene work with several agencies that they recommend to others. One is Kidcare International. Located on the web at , Kidcare International was established in 1991 to support humanitarian projects in southern California as well as Russian, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

Kiran Udeshi also works with Samaritan's Purse, located on the web at

Samaritan's Purse is a Christian organization that sponsors several programs such as repairing cleft palates, Operation Heal Our Patriots® and Dairy Animals, a program that gives goats and other milk-producing animals to poor families around the world. Last month, Kiran and Arlene spent time filling shoeboxes to be shipped to needy children across the globe through Operation Christmas Child. Since 1993, more than 100 million children have benefited from Operation Christmas Child's shoebox program that began here in the United States.

"This charitable work is not done in order to make ourselves feel better or look important," Kiran Udeshi notes. "We simply believe that by giving back to others, we receive a blessing ourselves. It all goes around and comes around; people who help each other are the luckiest people in the world."

About Kiran Udeshi:

Kiran Udeshi lives in southern California with his wife Arlene. He is involved in several humanitarian projects including Samaritan's Purse and Kidcare International. He also gives generously to several other private charities and adopts and rescues large canine breeds.

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