Costa Mesa, California - Most people meeting Kiran Udeshi for the first time would not suspect that this polite man has successfully navigated a career through some of the toughest times in one of the most competitive industries in the world. Kiran Udeshi, whose personality is marked by enthusiasm and well-regulated self-confidence, is a good example of how hard work and determination can still create opportunities, even in today's difficult work environment.

Mr. Udeshi's story begins when he graduated from California State Polytechnic University in Ponoma in 1995 with a bachelor's degree in business administration. Armed only with his degree, Udeshi took a job as a tax processing specialist with Automatic Data Processing. After a year and a half of working with tax claims, Udeshi gained employment at the worldwide company of Farmers Insurance in December of 1996, working as a physical damage claims representative out of the West Covina office.

This exposure to the insurance world led to the critical jump into the automotive industry that propelled Mr. Udeshi into his current managerial role. In August of 1997, Udeshi hired on with Nissan at the company's Gardena, California, call center. Working his way up from a call center specialist to team leader to policy specialist, Udeshi put his insurance knowledge to work over the next few years as he helped customers with warranty claims.

In October of 2001, Udeshi was ready for the next move. He transferred to the marketing department where he gained experience developing marketing strategies for models such as the 350Z, Titan and Frontier. With the experience gained in marketing, Udeshi transferred to Infiniti in July 2003. He has since worked his way up from marketing specialist to district manager of parts and service, regional sales manager and marketing manager to his current job of service business development.

"It has been a difficult journey with the auto industry in such a state of flux," notes Udeshi. "However, I believe that the same principles that held true twenty years ago still hold true today: hard work, honesty and determination will open doors of opportunity. When you do the best job possible with whatever job you are given, you stand a much better chance of creating the opportunity for advancement."

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