King Athletic, sports brand dedicated to affordable, efficient fitness, reports on the latest workout trends that allow people to break their fitness plateaus and enrich their routines with exciting new classes. King Athletic, who will soon launch its first range of resistance bands, announced today how people looking for a new way to workout should consider Tabata, the RX series, and bodyweight training.

Tabata is a popular high-intensity workout that can be completed in astounding little time yet with maximum results. Those going for the traditional Tabata workout that’s only four minutes long get to exercise at maximum capacity for 20 seconds and with brief, 10-second rest intervals. This HIIT was among the most popular workouts in 2014 and it remains the go-to workout for busy people. The American College of Sports Medicine predicts HIIT to be no. 2 workout trend for 2015.

King Athletic recommends introducing more R&R into one’s workouts. Equinox developed the RX Series of classes which consists of half-hour mobilization and massage exercises that help maximize performance and revitalize every muscle group in the body. The 30 to 45 minute classes consist of self-myofascial massaging, full range of motion stretching and breathing exercises.

For King Athletic, becoming fit and healthier is not a matter of fancy equipment and intricate routines. People only need basic props like a jumping rope or a resistance band to work out. There are even cases when one’s own body weight is enough to get the most thorough total body workout.

King Athletic recommend bodyweight training for anyone wanting to switch up their routines and topple their nagging plateaus. Bodyweight training has been around for decades and is still the most fail-proof way to work out in terms of injury risk and fitness results. King Athletic’s spokesperson said:

“People that want to make bodyweight training a bit more challenging can do so with the help of a resistance band. From push-ups to squats and lunges, resistance bands can level up any bodyweight exercise.”

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