Sunrise, United States, 02, June 2016: Prader—Willi syndrome is a disorder that affects 1 in 25,000 newborns. It's a genetic disorder that gets caused by the body missing seven paternal genes. The condition results in various physical and behavioral problems. One notable example is an extreme and insatiable appetite.

Kids Art Smocks

At present, there is no cure for Prader—Willi syndrome. But, efforts are ongoing to find one. The Prader-Willi Syndrome Association is in desperate need of funds to put towards research. They also need help to provide medical and practical support for parents of sufferers.

One Florida business, Kids Art Smocks, is raising awareness and support for the charity. They have teamed up with Good Search and are inviting customers to join in with their efforts.

Good Search offers a search engine where shoppers can save money online. They provide discount coupon codes for eligible online retailers. When one buys from a Good Search retailer, money gets donated to the cause via the retailer.

Kids Artist Smocks - helping kids with PWS to unleash their creativity

Despite the many challenges PWS sufferers face in their lives, one thing is for certain. Their creative spirit is never dampened! Young children with Prader—Willi syndrome find it hard to control their behavior.

Being creative is a way for kids with PWS to channel their energy in a positive way. Many children like to be artistic and do things like painting and drawing. Of course, painting can often be a messy experience. Especially when children get involved!

Parents of children with Prader—Willi syndrome will often have their kids wear art smocks. The ones sold by are durable and offer plenty of benefits.

The smocks offered at get made from a Cotton and Polyester blend. Unlike competing products, their ones are also machine-washable. That means parents don't need to waste money buying new ones. They can wash and reuse them several times.

They boast one chest and two side pockets so that kids can carry their paint brushes and tools with them. Parents of kids with PWS can make the smocks unique by having them embroidered. It's a fun way to make the smocks more memorable to their kids. It's also possible to buy kids artist caps with each smock to complete the look!

Being artistic allows kids to express themselves

Kids with Prader—Willi syndrome sometimes find it hard to express themselves. Being artistic is a way for them to be creative and tell the world how they feel. It also allows them to focus on something positive.

As a parent, it's important to nurture a child's creativity. Painting is one such way that they can do so.

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