14, May 2016: Kickstarter launches Cavalcade with perfect privacy. Users can manage their social chats and groups using Cavalcade. It is meant for the group leaders who want the best experience for everyone in their groups. Cavalcade allows transportation group to successfully set calendar destinations and meetings form voice chats and cover invites to their respected groups.

In addition to this, Cavalcade is also meant for Nomads and anonymous users who want end-to-end encryption messaging. Whether a certain user is part of a business group, sports team, club or church group and cyclist, Cavalcade will help a user to get from A to B safely and efficiently. Apart from this, Cavalcade is for group leaders who want to make their group experiences better organized and more enjoyable for everyone. Cavalcade is also for smartphone users who would rather have a fluid voice and visual interface for managing their mapping, social chat and calendaring needs while on the go.

Think of it as a personal assistant using smartphone while traveling to different destinations. The creator of Cavalcade aim to provide “Perfect Privacy” for their service and they respect the privacy of users. They already plan to strip and anonymize identifiable information from inward data before using Cavalcade to successfully train the Al. Perfect Privacy will add one more layer of privacy to this process by immediately deleting all queries. They don’t play well with their business models and will never use user’s data for third party services or embed advertisements in their products.

They want to be the end-point for communications for all with a month-to-month subscription service. The capital they are looking to raise through KickStarter will enable them to build up their contract and infrastructure critical service like programming and graphic design for Cavalcade. Moreover, Cavalcade allows them to continue their market research, develop their preliminary marketing campaign and get the word on the trails and streets that Cavalcade is on its way.

Beacon Safety Co. aims to complete a Beta 6 months after crowd funding completion. They will test Cavalcade with their power users for 3 months. Beacon Safety Co. also aims to release the Version 1.0 of Cavalcade on Android platforms and iOS 3 months after the tests.

To learn more, please check out 1bmc.org/cavalcade. For inquiries, please contact them at http://1bmc.org/cavalcade or send an email at [email protected].

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Craig Merry
Company: Beacon Safety Co
Email Id: [email protected]
Website: http://1bmc.org/cavalcade